Singapore – a utopian city state where worlds collide. Founded by British colonist sir Stamford Raffles, a strategically located fisherman’s village was turned into an important trading post and since to Asia’s mighty finance power house.

Singapore is both modern and technically advanced as well as traditional. It is the melting pot of Asian and Western cultures: Chinese, Indian, Malay, British and a big bunch of expats from around the world. No wonder the city state has four official languages and cuisine that breaks boundaries. The city might be most known for its quirky architectural landmarks, like the giant surf board on top of Marina Bay Sands hotel, or the world’s largest durian fruit, the Esplanade, but Singapore has so much more to offer. Chinatown, Little India, the best coffee roasters in Asia and loads of hidden cocktail bars; shopping, raw nature and Michelin-starred restaurants.


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