In Lapland the contrasts between seasons are big. The winters are snowy and cold, and the temperature might drop below 30 degrees Celsius. The summers are light and warm.

It is said, that in Lapland, the four seasons are complemented by four mid-seasons. So altogether there are eight seasons in Lapland: fall-winter, winter, spring-winter, spring, spring-summer, summer, fall-summer and fall.

The winter months are the most popular travel season in Lapland. Polar Nights are from November to January, when the sun does not rise at all for a while above the Polar Circle. Spring-winter is from March to April, and the days may be very light. The soft spring snow invites skiers, both cross-country and downhill.

June to July are the months of the Midnight Sun, when night never falls. The temperatures may also rise to almost tropical. Lapland’s summer is, however, unpredictable and might surprise with its coolness.