The Northern Lights are an arctic light phenomenon and a magical experience. According to an old belief, they are born when a fox runs in the mountains and sweeps the snow with his tail on a frosty night. In reality, the Northern Lights are born from the sun drawing particles into outer space.

For many, the Northern Lights are the main reason to travel to Lapland, and Northern Lights expeditions are on the rise. The Northern Lights season begins in the end of August and lasts all the way to the beginning of April. In the summer, the Northern Lights are not possible to see as it is light all-day round.

In Finland, Northern Lights can best be spotted in Northern Lapland, parallel to Kilpisjärvi, however, they can also appear in any other part of Lapland too, although one needs a pinch of luck to see them. Typically, the Northern Lights appear close to midnight and one should always keep an eye on the northern night sky.

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