Lapland offers accommodation to both budget travelers and to those who are in search of luxury. A budget traveler can stay at traveler homes, guest houses and hostels, such as the cute 7 Fells Hostel in Ylläs or the popular Hostel Café Koti (home) in Rovaniemi. A great luxury choice is the Arctic Treehouse Hotel close to the Polar Circle in Rovaniemi.

These and other great hotels with contact details are available on the Tripsteri App Lapland.


Arctic City Hotel, Rovaniemi

Arctic City Hotel - Tripsteri App

A nice hotel in the centre of Rovaniemi.

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Arctic Light Hotel, Rovaniemi

Arctic Light Hotel - Tripsteri App

The best boutique hotel in Rovaniemi.

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Hotel Pohjanhovi, Rovaniemi

Hotel Pohjanhovi - Tripsteri App

Rovaniemi’s most well-known and classic hotel.

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Guesthouse Borealis, Rovaniemi

Guesthouse Borealis - Tripsteri App

Cheap guesthouse near the Rovaniemi railway station.

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Hotel Aakenus, Rovaniemi

Hotel Aakenus - Tripsteri App

Affordable hotel accommodation in Rovaniemi.

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Santa’s Igloos Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi

Santa's Igloos Arctic Circle - Tripsteri App

Glass igloo cottages at the Arctic Circle.

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Arctic Treehouse Hotel

Arctic Treehouse Hotel - Tripsteri App

Luxury tree-top cottages, truly unique.

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Mummola Travels, Kittilä

Mummola Travels - Tripsteri App

Home accommodation in a traditional Lappish farm.

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7 Fells Hostel, Kolari

7 Fells Hostel - Tripsteri App

Cosy and trendy hostel in Äkäslompolo, Ylläs.

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Hotel Inari, Inari

Hotelli Inari - Tripsteri App

Traditional hotel on the shore of lake Inari.

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Hotel Kultahovi, Inari

Hotelli Kultahovi - Tripsteri App

Family-run hotel on the shores of Juutuanjoki in Inari.

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Wilderness Hotel Nellim, Inari

Nellimin erähotelli - Tripsteri App

A fine boutique hotel built in a former school.

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Hotel Kultahippu, Inari

Hotelli Kultahippu - Tripsteri App

A traditional tourist hotel on shore of Ivalojoki River.

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Hotel Niilanpää, Inari

Hotelli Niilanpää - Tripsteri App

Hiking hotel in Kiilopää.

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Hotel Pallas, Muonio

Hotelli Pallas - Tripsteri App

Traditional log-built wilderness hotel on Pallas Fell.

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Hotel Pyhätunturi, Pelkosenniemi

Hotelli Pyhätunturi - Tripsteri App

Admire the beautiful fell scenery from this elevated hotel.

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Hotel Klipis, Enontekiö

Hotelli Kilpis - Tripsteri App

Nostalgic tourist hotel on the shores of Lake Kilpisjärvi.

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Kilpisjärven retkeilykeskus, Enontekiö

Kilpisjärven retkeilykeskus - Tripsteri App

Traditional hostel in the foothills of Saana.

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Vuotson Maja, Sodankylä

Vuotson Maja - Tripsteri App

Historical B&B in Vuotso.

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Harriniva, Muonio

Harriniva - Tripsteri App

Family holiday centre in Muonio.

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Peurasuvanto Holiday Village, Sodankylä

Peurasuvannon lomakylä - Tripsteri App

Cottages on the shore of Kitinen River along road 4 (E75)

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Lemmenjoen Lumo, Inari

Lemmenjoen Lumo - Tripsteri App

Sámi area camp site for summer and autumn tourists.

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Hetan Majatalo, Enontekiö

Hetan Majatalo - Tripsteri App

Run by the oldest tourism company in Lapland.

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Hetan Kota, Enontekiö

Hetan Kota - Tripsteri App

Cottages on the shore of Ounasjärvi lake in Hetta.

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Loma-Paksun Majatalo, Kittilä

Loma-Paksun Majatalo - Tripsteri App

Idyllic guesthouse, vegetarian food and well-being events.

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