The Lapland of Finland is known as a winter wonderland and Eldorado of hikers, with countless opportunities for treasured nature destinations. Popular winter activities include sledging, cross-country and downhill skiing as well as husky and reindeer rides. Summer and fall offer ideal conditions for both experienced and amateur hikers. The best hiking grounds are found in Lapland’s amazing national parks, where there are plenty of guided trails.

The Lappish landscape is known for its low and round mountains, but the nature in Lapland is so much more than that: rivers, lakes, aapa bogs and coniferous forests. The changing of seasons is also very visible in the nature. Midnight sun, vivid fall colors and polar nights change the landscape and selection of activities. The soul rests in the peace and quiet of the wilderness.

Lapland also has some great museums and galleries that tell the story of an artist’s life in the North. The art tour in Tripsteri App introduces you to local artists and their work.

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