Tripsteri App has many tours to guide you to the best destinations in the Icelandic countryside and in the capital city, Reykjavik.

‘Reykjavik with kids’ gives tips on a family vacation to the capital city. With Tripsteri App you will spend the perfect day with your children in Reykjavik.

Reykjavik’s ‘nightlife tour’ guides all over 20-year-olds to the best bars and parties in town.

The ‘Island tour’ reveals how to do a trip around the island and what can be found along highway one. The Island tour requires around seven travel days to complete.

The popular ‘Golden Circle’ is a day trip introducing you to Icelandic history and natures attractions in a condensed package. Tripsteri’s Golden Circle tour takes you to the classical landmarks as well as some less known amazing spots.

Tripsteri App also includes audio tours. Audio stories will tell you more about the Golden Circle, Icelandic fairies and trolls and about Iceland’s most photographed landmark, the Hallgrímur church in Reykjavik.