Reykjavik is the most northern capital in the world and a wonderful travel destination for a relaxing city escape. It’s a treat walking among the colorful houses on the main street for a day or two.

The culture life is vivid and fun, and not to mention plentiful for such a small city. Visit art galleries, the amazing Harpa music hall and off course the penis museum on the main shopping street.

There are plenty of options for food and accommodation. Reykjavik has a vivid night life that concentrates around the postal code 101. There are no large night clubs, locals celebrate in small pus and bars, where the DJ starts playing after midnight.

Tripsteri App guides you to a city holiday in an eccentric little city and offers options for all kinds of travelers. The Nightlife tour takes you to the best bars, and Reykjavik with children gives great ideas for entertaining the little ones.