Spring is from March to May and during that time Helsinki is light and the temperature is cool. One day it might be frost and the next day plus 15 degrees Celsius. People awake from their hibernation latest on the first of May, when the whole city is one big carnival. Kaivopuisto -park fills up with white-hatted students to celebrate Labor Day. The spring is also the time for the years first music festivals and street festivals, such as the Arabia street party and Kallio Blooms -festival.

In the summer, which is from June to August, the sun rises the time the bars close. On Midsummers eve, the sun might not set at all. Temperature varies from 15-27 degrees Celsius. People are rowdy and out and about around the clock: swimming, boating, in the sauna or having picnics in the parks. In the summer, there are dozens of festivals, such as Flow Festival, Sideways, heavy metal festival -Tuska, etnofestival, World Visiting festival, Weekend Festival at the Hietaniemi -beach, multi-disciplinary art event the Helsinki Festival Week, Night of art, the Kallio rock -festival, Alppipuisto Summer and Kallio Block Party.

Fall is from September to November. The weather is mild, fresh and beautiful, the fall foliage is an inspirational and photogenic time to come and admire the multicolored trees of yellow, orange and red. In November the long polar night, also known as the winter depression begins, and that’s when you should just cuddle up in a nice warm cafe. Finland’s biggest film festival ’Love and Anarchy is arranged in the fall.

In the winter months from December to February, the sun sets already after lunchtime. The snow lights up the streets when there is some. The temperature varies from +5 to -10 degrees Celsius. The Finns like to stay at home and drink mulled wine, or travel somewhere with more snow (like Espoo) for cross-country and down-hill skiing. In Helsinki, you can also ice skate, Central Railway station and Brahen kenttä being the most popular skating-rinks. Christmas events not to miss out on are the Christmas fair, Tuomaan markkinat, with a nostalgic carousel ride, held in Senaatintori, Stockmann’s showcase Christmas window and various design sales. A massive startup and growth company event, Slush, is also organized in the beginning of December, and don’t miss the LUX-Helsinki light festival.