Tripsteri Apps many tours guide you to the most enchanting locations in Helsinki, on land and in the archipelago.

The Kaurismäki Joints Tour takes you on an exciting virtual experience to the world of film and scenes shot in these bars and restaurants.

Ghosts of Helsinki audio-tour takes you on a horrifying journey to ancient Helsinki. Every spot on the tour is associated with strange, scary or mystic events. The ghost stories also include a lot of details about the history of Helsinki: you hear about places that no longer exist. Step into a time where the city was being built to what is today. Each place is in the city centre and this tour is possible to complete within one day.

The audio tour ’Moomins and their creator in Helsinki’ takes you on a journey to the world of Tove Jansson and her creations. You will learn about the Moomin artists eventful life. Where Tove was born, went to school, fell in love, worked, died and was buried. And what kind of footprints did her artistic parents leave behind and where in Helsinki can you learn more about the Moomins?

The ‘Surprising design tour in Helsinki’ takes you on an audio-trip to the city’s esthetics. Deepen your knowledge on the spirit of Helsinki and the unique ambiance through exciting details. Where is the peeing statue? Why are the metro-trains orange? And can you sing karaoke in a toilet?

The ’Historic Helsinki’ -tour takes you on a different audio-journey to the city’s best known landmarks. See the presidential castle, beautiful churches and other historic monuments in the best possible way: with the Tripsteri audio-guide. You will learn why the ”Sausage building” is called the Sausage building – and who came up with the eccentric Temppelinaukio rock church? Put on your headphones and dive into historic Helsinki.

The Helsinki 1894 -tour takes you on a trip back in time to the Tzar-time Helsinki. Join Frans on an adventure in a lost Helsinki. You will get to see old buildings as well as statues of prominent figures and explore the 19th century capital together with Frans. The ’Future of Helsinki’ -tour will show you how Helsinki is being built for the future.

The ’Makers of Helsinki’ -tour will introduce you to the Helsinki’s most impressive urban oasis with virtual 360-pictures. You can spend an entire day at Teurastamo, the selection is exhaustingly broad and inspiringly delicious. The tour is a culinary adventure. Tour by yourself or with friends; the industrial vibes and Meatpacking-history of Teurastamo are a terrific way to impress out-of-towners. The selection includes specialty coffee, homemade ice cream, fresh fish and meat and locally distilled gin.

’Precious treasures of Suomenlinna’ -tour introduces you to the Unesco world heritage site, the Suomenlinna island fort. Pick and mix your favorite spots – there is a long list of the best of Suomenlinna. The ’Wintry tour in Suomenlinna’ tells you what to do in the winter and which restaurants on the island are open.

’Urban and exotic saunas’ takes you bathing, eating and drinking like a true Finn. Saunas are now trendier than they have ever been. There are more saunas than cars in Finland – and Helsinki probably has more sauna and bar complexes than any other metropolis. Saunas offer a fantastic place for relaxation, cleaning, refreshment in the summer and warmth in the winter. Best of all, after sweating at the saunas on this tour you can enjoy a cold beer or a glass of bubbly and good food. This is definitely an exotic tour for international visitors and perhaps a new Saturday tradition for Finns who don’t have their own sauna.

Tripsteri App also includes the following tours: Wonderful wine bars, Second hand shopping in the center, Seaside restaurants and bars, the Huge beer tour and Top tapas bars.