The peace and tranquility of a wilderness, right by the city? It’s possible in Nuuksio! Revel in fresh air, nature and silence. If you want to leave the city’s hustle and bustle and clear your mind, head over to Nuuksio National Park for a peaceful hike.

Pack a lunch and a sense of adventure and head onto marked trails that include grill shelters and outdoor toilets, among other facilities. The well-signposted routes are easy to follow and there are difficulty levels to suit everyone. Nuuksio offers a wide variety of opportunities: take a quick breather during an urban mini-break, head over for a forest excursion after your workday, or grab your backpack for a brisk weekend hike. Nuuksio’s lakes, forests, valleys, marshes and rocks form a perfect outdoor setting in this national treasure of the metropolitan area. We also recommend a visit to Haltia, the Finnish Nature Centre, which will make you fall in love with the jewels of Finnish nature, from north to south.

Routes and trails

There are plenty of marked routes and trails, ranging from easy to demanding (1.5 to 17 km in length), as well as 30 km of cycle routes and 22 km of horse-riding trails. Two local nature trails, one of which is wheelchair-accessible, start at Haltia.


The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia, Restaurant Haltia and various adventure service providers are here to serve you. Nuuksio contains campfire sites, covered grill shelters, outdoor toilets, cabins for rent, meeting and sauna facilities, lean-to-shelters and campsites. Accommodation is also available in rented cabins and a hotel.


Riding by bus to the wilderness? Yes you can! Bus 245 starts at Espoon keskus station, which can be reached by train. Timetables: Car parking is available at Haltia, Hotel Nuuksio, Haukkalampi, Högbacka, Kattila, Siikaniemi, Veikkola, and Kurjolampi.


Suitable for for the whole family. Haukkalampi, Kattila and Haltia and their environs are accessible by wheelchair.