In the summer, a scheduled city boat will take you out to gorgeous islands for a hike, or you can just relax without cares on a delightful Espoo Line lunch cruise. Beautiful nature awaits on islands close to shore and further away. Walk, cycle or jog, and spend time on beaches, at harbours, in cafés and in restaurants. Go fishing or paddling or hop onto a SUP board. If you are feeling adventurous, challenge yourself on a wakeboarding track or trailing a surfboat at Laguuni Watersports Centre. You can even take the Metro to the seaside, as the closest station is less than a kilometre from the sea. The Rantaraitti route is open all year round for exercise, experiences and enjoyment. If the winter is cold enough, it is possible to ski, snowshoe or go ice fishing on the sea ice. For warmth, visit one of Espoo’s many seaside cafés and restaurants.

Scheduled archipelago boats and recreation islands

In summer, the recreation opportunities on Espoo’s islands (see route map) can easily be reached by archipelago boat. The islands have piers or moorings, grill shelters, outdoor toilets and campfire sites (including firewood). Just remember to bring your own drinking water. For routes, schedules and island information, go to ʊ Rantaraitti

Waterfront walkway

The 40-kilometre-long cycling and pedestrian route Rantaraitti follows the shoreline from Laajalahti to Kivenlahti, offering a wealth of landscapes ranging from a nature conservation area to the Keilaniemi business hub and charming beaches. Pick up a city bike, walk from beach to beach, or rent a public rowboat. Inhale the fresh sea air while enjoying a drink on a terrace. Mobile Rantaraitti ʊ

Own boat

You can also enjoy the archipelago on your own boat or yacht. Espoo’s recreational islands have guest moorings. Some archipelago restaurants, including Haukilahti Pavilion, Gula Villan and Paven, can be accessed by boat.


Enjoy maritime Espoo from the water! There are beaches with lifeguards at Hanikka (Suinonsalmi), Haukilahti (Mellsten), Kivenlahti, Matinkylä, Oittaa, Soukka (Klobben), Westend and Laaksolahti (Pitkäjärvi Lake).


Line-and-hook fishing and ice fishing can be done without a permit. For lure-fishing, obtain a permit from Espoo’s service points or online at