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Pronounced ”Tripstery”, Finnish for easy-going, authenticity-seeking, travel-loving person, aka tripster.

We think traveling the world should be both an adventure and fun! Think if you could just click on the “buy flights” button and arrive at your destination as if you arrive at home – without a worry in the world. Tripsteri App makes this possible with its all-in-one functionality: find the best vegan pizza to go, the best local design stores and hidden bars and distilleries. We believe that the best holiday memories come from cozy cafes found in hidden alleys, restaurants where the food reflects local traditions and nature, and from shops that sell artisan products made with love. We will take you on an adventure through the greatest wine bars, landscapes familiar from movie scenes, and to places where legend has it ghosts still roam.


Find restaurants, bars and boutiques preferred by locals.


Read or listen to the stories behind old and new places of interest.


Take a tour of the best wine bars in town, or go hunting for ghosts.


Book a table, rescue a meal or reserve a hotel room with the click of a button.


Create your own tours, make top-lists and share them with your friends.


Augmented reality – or as we call it TripsteReality – is a mind-bending experience. Get the feel for places using 360-video, and take trips to the future or the past, or have a drink with famous figures from the past by using augmented reality.



The capital of Finland is full of unique experiences: ecological seaside restaurants, swimming in icy waters, wooden saunas, crispy roasted herring, skating rinks in the center, green islands, gluten free beer cafes, vegan fine dining, nature wines and locally distilled cowberry gin.

Admire the Art Nouveau (Jugend) architecture and shop for Moomin-themed Finnish design. Meet local, straightforward Finns, and make life long friends.

Take an audio tour in stunning Helsinki: peek into cafes known from films of world famous Aki Kaurismäki, listen to some surprising stories about well-known landmarks and compare microbrewery ales on our signature bar crawl. These are the secrets of Helsinki that you will not find an everyday tourist guide.


The capital of Sweden (and according to the Swedes the whole of Scandinavia) is full of surprises. Did you know that the city is built on 14 islands, and is the place where lake Mälaren meets the sea?

The four seasons of this Nordic paradise offers winter wonders from downhill skiing to long distance ice-skating on local lakes and rivers; and in the summer, you can enjoy the lush archipelago with bars on the docks and biking over long and beautiful bridges. Year round, you can admire royal castles and residences, eat Nordic comfort food, such as meatballs and wild boar sausages and chill at some of the funkiest wine bars in the northern hemisphere.

Discover Stockholm from the rooftops of the medieval old city and see the world’s longest art exhibition in the Stockholm tube. Or if you prefer to keep warm indoors you can tour tiny cafes and bakeries to find out where the best cinnamon buns are made, or hunt for second hand treasures in the vintage Eldorado of the Nordics, Södermalm.

Slush Tokyo

We’re super thrilled to be participating Slush Tokyo on 28-29 March! You can find us by Business Finland’s Tech Hub Booth. See you there!
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Fun facts about Helsinki

Where can you find a peeing sculpture? Why are the metro trains orange? Can you really sing karaoke in a restroom? Learn more about Helsinki’s spirit, peculiar locations and unique atmosphere in Tripsteri App’s fascinating audio tour “Surprising Helsinki”! You might learn an amusing lesson or two about Finland and Finns.
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  • The visual experience is crisp and fresh and the navigation intuitive - An interesting and impressive application, that also has a great look.

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  • This app really pays respect to the needs of families with children - big plus!

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  • A great app! Benefits also people living in the city, wanting to find unfamiliar places.

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  • The versatile city tours are a real benefit for out-of-towners, as one tends to otherwise end up in the same with large tourist masses.

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  • My first impression when opening the app was "wow, this is stunning", "very stylish and visual, attractive to the eye", "the modern and bold color scheme is a real success".

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  • I like it that the writers have been honest but kept a twinkle in the eye. One of the core strengths of Tripsteri is its "sharp pen".

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  • I really get the feeling that the makers have invested in this app, selecting interesting places that are also endorsed by bloggers, other trendsetters and authorities.

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  • This app is brilliant, it combines several of today's megatrends.

    Service design expert at Finnair

  • Travelers need new and enticing ways of finding the hidden pearls of their destination. There is a clear customer need for a dynamic and digital service, that makes quality experiences easily available for purchase. Tripsteri has all the right ingredients for this.

    Chairman at BARIF - Board of Airline Representatives in Finland

  • The means to get to know a new city with help from modern technology and audio guides is new and longed-for in Helsinki.

    PR-coordinator, Helsinki Marketing

  • The city tours were very exciting. The themes and stories were so compelling, that I devoured the whole selection at once. Ten points!

    Independent tester